PEEUGEOT DTM PEDAL COMMANDER 106 206 207 208 306 307 308 1007 2008 3008 5008

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  • Drive faster and more sportingly
  • More dynamic response
  • More than 20 settings available
  • Installed in 3 easy steps
  • How does the Pedalcommander work?

  • More fun with the perfect setting for you

    The following curves illustrate the speed at which the vehicle reacts to throttle input.

  • It’s not about engine power but rather the time it takes for the engine to realise that power!
    Dynamite does come in small packages

    Significant improvements can be felt even in the ‘City’ (green) mode. The ‘Sport’ (orange

  • and ‘Sport Plus’ (red) modes offer even more of an improvement than the ‘City’ mode, and all selectable by the driver.The blue line indicates the standard responsiveness of the throttle from the manufacturer
  • and can also be simulated by turning the Pedalcommander to its ‘OFF’ mode.
  • PedalCOMMANDER: The original accelerator tuning system, from DTM

    Your Pedalcommander is vehicle specific and is of the best quality Germany can offer.

    It comes preprogrammed and ready to use, and is installed in just a few easy steps!

    Quality and Safety

    The Pedalcommander has been approved in accordance with the 89/336 / EEC (electromagnetic compatibility) directive and carries all the necessary EMC protection.
    Is also bears the ECE and CE markings.

    Ergonomically designed

    Ergonomic design and functional housing allows for a perfect fit for your hand.

    NEW: Memory Function

    This new function allows the PedalBox to store your last setting.